Ce scrie Vithoulkas despre tratarea migrenelor

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Ce scrie Vithoulkas despre tratarea migrenelor

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A Critical Review

For an experienced homeopath a case of chronic headaches of mean duration of 23 years will have the following implications:

a. A very long period of aggravation in the beginning of the treatment (even more than four weeks in some cases) if the remedy was correct. Such a reaction will induce the patient to use more painkillers than usual.

From the report it is obvious that such practice happened in the homeopathic group. But it is well known and established through experience that if a patient uses chemical (allopathic) drugs in the initial aggravation stage, then automatically this counteracts the curative effect of the remedy!

Therefore the amelioration from the remedy will never appear.

From the report it is obvious that THE HOMEOPATHIC GROUP did use actually more painkillers than the placebo group proving in an indirect way that there was an aggravation!

b. In cases with such long-standing headaches a period of treatment of at least two years will be required and a sequence of several remedies before a curative effect can be clearly demonstrated.

(It is well known to all homeopaths that we usually need one month of treatment for every year of suffering, and that can happen only in very careful homeopathic prescribing, otherwise the time needed may be longer).

c. In cases where the headaches have lasted for more than twenty or thirty years it is highly improbable that there is even the slightest possibility that a cure will take place with the first remedy.

The reason is that such long-standing headache sufferers have used so many chemical drugs and for so many years that the original modalities of their headache - which are needed for a correct homeopathic prescription - are confused, or masked and the discovery of the right homeopathic remedy is almost impossible.

d. It is true that if certain conditions were met, like

1. if the remedy was correct

2. if the duration of suffering was only of a few years, and not 20-30 years

3. if after the initial aggravation no allopathic painkillers were given but the patient was encouraged to go through the aggravation period without any drugs - as it is done always in private practice - then such cases could show an impressive improvement. (Only one such case was reported).

e. Finally, the experience and knowledge of the homeopaths who claim to be educated in the science of classical homeopathy is obviously of crucial importance in finding the correct remedy.

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