Cartea secreta a lui Hahnemann: lexiconul cu simptome descoperit de abia in 1985

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Cartea secreta a lui Hahnemann: lexiconul cu simptome descoperit de abia in 1985

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Very few homeopaths know this, I heard about this also some months ago, so I share this with you.

Hahnemann and Boenninghausen agreed that a repertory is not the right tool to indentify the remedy but just a small compromise untill they would develop the right tool …which is a book nobody noticed in the Hahnemann collection until 1985 by the german homeopath called Uwe Plate.

Hahnemann made himeslf a symptom lexicon with combination of symptoms…it was made only for 128 remedies and has some many thousands of paged. This was the "secret" book of Hahnemann, although was not really a secret.

Uwe Plate worked 10 years from 1985 to 1995 -  to put the content of Hahnemann hand writings in a contemporary form and published the whole as a thick 5 volume book …for around 700 euro. A lot of paper…

In 2009 he made a computer programm out of it,…he sells it now for 760 euros, no discount whatever.

In the articles Uwe Plate published on his website, unfortunatelly only in german

there are some interesting things from the correspondence between Hahnemann, Boenningshausen, Jahr and Herring.

There you can find out that these 4 people where the only ones who really understood homeopathy at a very deep level and

all next ones, Kent inclusive, only made a mess up with their repertories and the understanding. So we all other, did the same too.

Also it can be understood how difficult is to make a really good proving, which probably after the death of Herring cannot be done by anyone in the right manner anymore…not to talk about the impossibility to find now healthy people for a good proving.

So there is a small number of homeopaths in Germany who work now with this "secret" Hahnemann's Book by the help of the software Uwe Plate made out of the content of the book (dongle protected of course).

They claim to increase the rate in finding the right remedy when using this system that Hahnemann himself used.

So in reality these people are the only one who really do Hahhemannian homeopathy !

The difference between a repertory and the symptom lexicon is simple: in a repertory each symptom combination was split in a single symptom. The characteristic combinations of some symptoms that belongs together to a remedy was therefore lost.

In the symptom lexicon of Hahnemann there are small combination of symptoms sorted by a modality, so the recognition of this combination lead quite sure to one or more remedies. This are all proving symptoms, not clinical symptoms !

But, as Hahnemann says, the knowledge of Materia medica cannot be replaced neither by a repertory nor by the symptom lexicon itself. And the repertory has a big disavantage in loosing this valuable informations about the remedies making the homeopath

to combine himself the symptoms to choose a remedy after the mathematical sum or some other issue so valuable information from the proving symptoms are not considered anymore.

Jahr was charged by Hahnemann to do this symptom lexicon but after calculating that this would require at leats 18 years of work,

Jahr refused. So Hahnemann did slowly, year by year, this job himself, beside treating people, writing organons and doing provings.


I find it quite weird though that, for so many decades, this mega thick book of Hahnemann was not seen or noticed by nobody else till 1985 when Mr Plate did it !  Strange !…..late/b9846

Nobody could complete now this symptom lexicon with more remedies than the 128 alreday present. Only Hahnemann could do it.

So the real homeopathy seem to be dead after the death of the genius called Hahnemann… not even all homeopaths in the world could do today with computers what Hahnemann did… not to talk about really good provings…

So that is why we work today mainly with the Hahnemanns remedies and provings: we, all the rest after him, are too dumb to discover new remedies and do good provings. Most homeopaths and repertories are wrong, complicated, error-inducing, misleading…

in a big percentage… not always though.

That is why even Vithoulkas started to simplify the repertories..and started again with Kent repertory ..which was just a bad copy of already kind of wrong repertory of Boenninhausen…but even this kind of work ist wrong, considering what Hahnemann did and said.

That is why many returned to Boenninghausen repertory….

Probably even Vithoulkas did not hear of the symptom lexicon of Hahnemann, the "secret" book …


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