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Cazuri de la examen in homeopatie

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Case 1

A 7-year-old girl has a bad cough that started six weeks ago. She is thin, looks tired and run down. Her fever is 101, and temp has varied from normal to around 101 f or the past two weeks. She is very thirsty, wants cold drinks. She is fearful of being alone, and strongly desires company. Her cough and fever tend to be worse around sunset. She acts very nice in the interview, looks directly at you, and expresses herself well. The cough is painful at times. She says her chest feels hollow or empty. She craves sweets, also salty, and frequently asks for ice cream.

Case 2
A 26-year-old female medical student complains of recurring fevers. She had these in childhood, and they returned last year, after a romantic grief. She is sensitive, sympathetic, an emotional person, but she tends to keep a lot inside, and is uncomfortable with consolation. She loves being outside, the sun, camping, hiking, or just going to the park. She is very sensitive to injustices. She has problems falling asleep some nights; on others she will wake and be unable to go back to sleep. She craves chocolate, eggs, fat, salt, and hot soups. Digestion is good but a tendency to constipation. She has many moles. She is adopted and no family history is available.

Case 3
A 48 year old man, an accomplished professional photographer, complains of chronic arthritis, worse wet weather, worse first motion, better continued motion, better warmth, worse cold. You notice circumscribed red areas on his cheeks. He had alopecia since his early 30’s. He is allergic to milk, which causes chest colds. He has a history of frequent bronchitis and childhood asthma. Both arthritis symptoms and respiratory symptoms are worse before storms or from a change of weather. He admits to some compulsive or ritualistic behaviors. He has been married four times, with a history of several extramarital affairs. He craves meat, fat, pork, ham, salty, and ice cream.

Case 4
A 52-year-old woman complains of hot flashes, dizziness, and emotional swings. All of these and the following symptoms have come on in the past year: craves sweets, sleeps on abdomen, jealous, feels unloved (fears her husband will leave her for a younger woman), worse from the sun, craves open air and breezes, worse twilight, digestive upsets from rich foods, weight gain. New food cravings include ice cream, cheese, butter, and hard-boiled eggs.

Case 5
A 33-year-old woman suffers deeply since the relationship ended. She sees no hope; it is all so bleak without him. She is angry, feels betrayed, but tells no one. Her insomnia is severe. She can survive the days, but the long nights seem like endless agony. Her reaction is to work harder. She also gets severe sinus headaches, very painful. She feels it's her fate, yet prays for release. At times music gives her some relief. Since it ended she has been drinking alcohol every night.

Case 6
A 47-year-old male complains of fogginess, difficult concentration and poor memory. He is disorganized, yet creative and artistic. He loves to paint late into the night, often goes to bed around sunrise. He loves adventure. He is vital and charismatic. He pushes himself in many ways. He likes spicy food, alcohol, grapefruit, sweets, fat, and is averse to beans and eggplant. He suffers from painful arthritis, with redness and swelling of his fingers.

Case 6b
She is very unhappy in her work; she broods silently, but tells no one. Her love affair with her boss ended abruptly, and she weeps bitterly alone in her room. She has had problems at work, and is very intolerant of contradiction. She suffers from upper back pain, with muscle spasms causing headaches. She is also very sensitive to coffee, tobacco smoke and perfumes, which also cause headaches. Chilly, > warmth.

Case 7
This patient suffers from PMS, hemorrhoids, constipation and depression. She has indigestion with nausea She is chilly, but also averse to stuffy rooms. She has an amelioration of her symptoms by exercise; also has a general amelioration in the evening.

Case 8
A twelve-year-old boy suffers from asthma. He seems tense, inhibited. He is fastidious. He also has many sebaceous cysts, visible and palpable under his skin. His asthma is worse wet weather, worse 3 a.m. He dreams of falling, and of dead people. In bed, he tends to sweat on parts that are uncovered. His sweat has a peculiar, sweet, honey-like odor. No strong food desires, but he hates onions.

Case 9
A 26-year-old man complains of joint pain, frequent bouts of hoarseness, and occasional coughs with a raw feeling in his chest. He has a history of Bell’s palsy. All of his symptoms are worse in cold, windy weather or drafts. He prefers wet weather, and is better living in Portland since leaving a windy area of the Midwest. He craves salt and smoked meats. He is sympathetic, and is actively involved in organizations to protect the environment.

Case 10

A 33-year-old woman has severe PMS. At that time she gets intense headaches, extreme irritability and jealousy, and strong craving for alcohol. Headaches tend to come on while she sleeps, or she will wake in the morning with a headache. Her PMS symptoms all resolve within a few hours after her menses begin. She craves farinaceous, oysters, alcohol, and coffee. She has a strong sexual drive. She is competitive, intense, and passionate. She tends to dominate conversations. She tends to be warm, and gets headaches from the sun.

Case 11
A six-year-old boy suffers from recurrent otitis media. He seems restless, distant, and hard to connect with, a little suspicious. The otitis always comes on in the night, and usually is accompanied by a very strong, offensive discharge from the ear involved. He has chronically swollen cervical lymph nodes. He sweats a lot, which has a bad odor. He always feels worse when he sweats, which often happens at night during the bouts of otitis. He is averse to sweets. He is thirsty for cold drinks, and loves bread and butter.

Case 12
A ten-year-old boy seems very serious and sad. When his parents divorced he developed insomnia, depression, and speaks frequently of suicide. He is very religious, feels this world is too hard, and wants to be with God. He loves music, especially church music and Bach. He feels forsaken by his father, who moved to the East coast after the divorce. He tends to keep his problems to himself. His mother is quite concerned, because he is a lot like his father, who is an alcoholic and severely depressed, and suffers from heart disease though he is only 35 years old.

Case 13
A 48-year-old woman has asthma and peptic ulcer. Her symptoms are worse at night, from 11 until 2 a.m. Her stomach burns, is better warm drinks, especially from warm milk. She is very anxious, nervous, restless, and fearful of death. She is very chilly, likes warmth, but likes a window open too. She fears robbers, being alone, cancer, suffering, and worries about financial security (though she is quite wealthy). She dreams of robbers. She is critical, sharp, and controlling.

Case 14
A 62-year-old man suffers from recurrent bronchitis, pleurisy, arthritis, and allergies. With the allergies his face swells, especially around the eyes or lids. All of his symptoms are worse around 2 or 3 a.m. He also wakes at this time and is unable to go back to sleep for an hour or two. The pleurisy produces sharp, stitching pains. His arthritis pains are also sharp, fleeting, like a jabbing pain. He is chilly. He is averse to touch. He fears ghosts. He craves sweets. He works hard, is conscientious, careful to always do a good job.

Case 15
A 29-year-old woman suffers from digestive problems, and must be very careful with her diet. Symptoms are worse from overeating, from fats or rich foods. She likes milk, ice cream, eggs, and butter. She has a very low thirst. She tends to be warm, can sometimes get hot feet so she uncovers them in bed. She likes the sun, but dislikes heat in any form. Her GI symptoms are somewhat relieved from putting a cold application over her abdomen. Her menses is very irregular. She gets sad and weepy before menses, and gets an irrational fear that her husband will leave her. She has fear of the dark, alone, men, and insanity. She is easy to talk with, likes people and company, and describes herself as a ‘people person.’ She has difficulty making decisions. She weeps easily and likes consolation.

Case 16
A 24-year-old woman has a history of upper respiratory infections and persistent swollen cervical lymph nodes. She is thin, chilly, yet loves open air, wanting windows open even in winter. She often gets night sweats, and can be irritable on waking. She is restless, tends to get bored with relationships, and loves to travel. She recently returned from a one-year trip throughout Asia. She especially loves the mountains, which seem to help her respiratory symptoms. She craves milk, meat (especially bacon), and fat. She has a peculiar symptom: she dislikes dogs and cats, though they have never harmed her.

Case 17
A 29-year-old man suffers from frequent colds, sore throats, and back pain. He is chilly, worse in wet weather, and likes warm weather. He perspires a lot on exertion, especially on his face and head. His palms sweat, and he can perspire in the cold. He is afraid of high places, spiders, getting a disease, and going into a hospital. He is hard working, reliable, and gets along well with people. He craves milk, sweets, eggs, and cheese. Digestion is good but he tends toward constipation. He is allergic to aspirin.

Case 18
A seven-year-old boy was considered ADD by his schoolteacher. He is exuberant, a bit restless, but bright and a quick learner. He connects well with people, and gets into trouble at school because he loves talking and interacting with others, and can do this doing class time. He is a likable child, curious, alert, and makes a good contact with you. He craves salt, sweets, and bread. He is averse to fish. He is quite thirsty, wanting ice cold drinks. He has many friends, even makes friends with strangers in line at the supermarket. He fears being alone, the dark, kidnappers, and cancer. If sad, he seeks consolation, which helps a lot. He tends to be chilly. Epistaxis.

Case 19
A 29-year-old woman has oral and vaginal herpes. She gets outbreaks several times a year, which puzzles her because she is so physically fit. She works out strenuously at least 5 times a week, for up to two hours. She has a tendency to amenorrhea. She often has a leucorrhea, a vaginal discharge that is irritating and acrid. She gets extremely irritable and weeping before her menses. She has not been in a romantic or sexual relationship for several years. She said she decided that sex was too animalistic, and she wants to suppress this aspect of herself and work on her spiritual development. She has become more and more irritable, sarcastic, and harder for others to get along with. She prefers being alone, and hates consolation. She feels better from activity, also better in the evening. She is worse in a hot stuffy room. She likes to be in the sun. She fears poverty and ghosts.

Case 20
A 9-year-old boy developed a bad cold and sore throat, which started with his right tonsil, then spread to his left one. Warm drinks soothe throat. He tends to be very demanding of his parents, especially when ill. He is a fearful child, gets quite worried about his health even when he gets a very mild illness. He fears alone, kidnappers, the dark, and meeting new kids. He wakes hungry, must eat immediately or becomes extremely irritable (but never violent). He craves sweets. Certain foods aggravate, causing a lot of gas, bloating, and this can lead to diarrhea. This alternates with constipation. He gets headaches over his right temple. His colds and fevers are always worse in the late afternoon or around 6 p.m.

Case 21
A 37-year-old man who teaches art has benign prostatic hypertrophy. He is a pleasant man, seems very gentle. He has difficulty standing up for himself, for most of his life has let others take advantage of him. Confrontation is very difficult; he seems unable to assert his boundaries, even when it’s obvious that he should. After his wife left him for another man he developed psoriasis. Now for seven years he’s been alone. He wants a relationship but is shy. He has trouble sleeping, and usually masturbates to fall asleep. He gets sleepy in the afternoon. If he gets the opportunity to take a nap, he feels very badly after waking from the nap.

Case 22
A 74-year-old man has chronic digestive problems. He has a lot of offensive gas, and tends toward diarrhea. He has a red, ruddy complexion, and a kindly look to him. He seems very intelligent, bright, curious, and independent. He is warm. He gets hot in bed and uncovers, sleeps with the windows up year round. He loves to tinker, to fix things, and to make little inventions. He loves to get praise for this from his friends and neighbors. He craves sweets, fat, beer, cola drinks, and salads. He is thirsty for cold drinks. He also has an itchy rectum, mild eczema that itches, and sweaty feet with a very strong odor.

Case 23
A young man suffers from bronchitis, which comes on quickly and violently. He noticed that he had been exposed to a very cold and dry wind. In addition, he experienced a tingling sensation in his extremities that upon further examination, appeared to be bring out complaints from this individual that were out of proportion to the actual sensations. He wormed and wiggled in his chair and appeared very anxious. He asked for cold water, which he consumed in copious amounts, and upon inquiry, he stated that his mouth felt extremely dry. While in the office, the individual accidently cut himself, and the wound produced a bright red colored blood. He reacted by saying that he would probably die in two days from this accident.

Case 24
An elderly woman reported that she had been in an automobile accident several years past, and that she was suffering from intense, shooting pains that radiated down her back to her coccyx. When asked whether she experienced any additional complaints, the woman answered that she had visited her dentist last week, and was still feeling nerve pain from the injections of a local anesthetic.

Case 25
Last night, an emergency medical team brought a patient to my home that had been violently attacking them while they had been trying to assist her after she has sustained serious head trauma from an accident. Her strength was superhuman. She appeared fearful and angry. She cursed at me in a stammering voice that was quaking with fearfulness. Her body jerked and twitched convulsively with chorea.

Case 26
A young boy suffered from a severe, pounding headache that had appeared suddenly and was accompanied with otitis media and sinusitis. He appeared feverish and his face was hot but oddly, his extremities were very cold. He appeared delirious and his pupils were dilated. His mother reported that his symptoms were worse around 3 pm. I offered the child a stuffed animal to hold but he recoiled from it in fear. His mother stated that he possessed a fear of dogs.

Case 27
A very refined woman visited my office with a complaint of an ingrown toenail. Upon removing her shoe, I noticed an offensive odor emanating from her foot. She appeared to be very sensitive and exhibited a mild demeanor, yet upon inquiry, she appeared to be obsessed with reporting frivolous details that were unnecessary to establish a case history. When I attempted to steer the conversation she became very obstinate and unyielding. Her body was very cold, and she reported that drafts made her feel worse. When I told her that I wanted to obtain a blood sample, she gazed at me in terror, and stated that she hated needles. She reported that she was also constipated and had difficulty in releasing stool. She worked as a dancer for a small performing arts company but she indicated that she was preparing to leave that company due to high levels of performance anxiety.

Case 28
A middle-aged man entered my office with a chief diagnosis of diabetes. He had recently lost a daughter that had died in a car accident. He exhibited tremendous grief and upon inquiry, indicated that he had thought about taking his own life because he had been the driver in that automobile accident that had taken his daughter’s life. He had gone so far as to string-up a rope in his basement but that thoughts for his remaining family had prevented him from suicide. He startled at the sounds made from some young children that were passing by my office. He reported that the high temperature today made him feel worse, and that he had awoken around 4-5 am feeling terrible. He got out of bed and had a dish of yogurt, which made him feel better.

Case 29
I saw a patient, today, that looked sleepy, dull, and trembled from anxiety or stage fright. Her eyes darted away from my gaze, and she appeared timid. She indicated that she possessed flu-like symptoms, which she had experienced after she had received news that a friend had suddenly passed away. In addition, that news had caused diarrhea. She has not felt well since the onset of the flu, and upon further inquiry, she indicated that she experienced severe fatigue and trembling in her lower extremities.

Case 30
A young man injured his foot while playing football. He experienced pain and swelling, and the injury felt worse when he walked into my office, although he initially had indicated that he was fine, and the injury was nothing to be concerned over. He appeared tired and reported that he had a difficult time sleeping last night as his bed felt too hard.

Case 31
A 52-year-old man complained of severe abdominal spasms and cramps that were worse from 3-4 am. Cold drafts aggravated the symptoms. He appeared to be excited, impatient, and was sensitive to light and noise from my office. He likes to eat fatty foods, drinks alcohol and coffee but they aggravate his symptoms. He also likes spicy foods with lots of mustard, ketchup, and relish. He reported a history of IBS and kidney stones. He is a highly competitive individual that seems to be very goal oriented and ambitious.

Case 32
A young girl experienced puffiness around her throat after she had consumed some Hazel nuts. Her throat was red and she reported burning, stinging sensations that felt hot. She had a fever but she rejected my offer of drinking water. I placed a cool towel around her throat, which helped with the pain and swelling.

Case 32b
An elderly man reported constant nausea with a desire to vomit, which proved ineffectual. His mouth was full of saliva, and it appeared hat he would vomit at any moment. However, he reported that occasionally, his vomiting produced gagging and the release of bile. Upon inspection of his oral cavity, I noticed that his tongue was clean with no signs of coating or discoloration. However, I noticed that blood had begun to seep from his mouth and nose, and that it was bright red. He indicated that his symptoms occurred quickly. He also reported occasional bouts of diarrhea that was grass green in color. His symptoms seemed to make him impatient and irritable, and he complained that he was unlucky and that nothing was right with his world. He’s very chilly but the warmth of a room aggravates his condition.

Case 33
A young girl presented with blueness around her fingers and toes, and her face felt cold to the touch, and it was covered in cold perspiration. She looked weak and pale, and complained of acute indigestion with heartburn that was accompanied by burning pains. She asked me if I owned a fan that could be activated as she was feeling stuffy and suffocated.

Case 34
A middle-aged woman reported symptoms of ataxia and paresthesia. She was very anxious regarding her health and recalled various superstitious beliefs that she held relative to her symptoms. She feared high places and bridges. She was hot and preferred cool climates since her symptoms were alleviated by cold things. Her symptoms were aggravated by sweets, though she craved them. She also likes salt, cheese, and ice cream. I noticed that her voice was slightly hoarse and that she had a few warts on her face. On her way out of my office, there was a loud belching sound that reverberated pictures that were hanging on my walls.
Argentum nitricum

Case 35
An executive banker reported with severe appendicitis and a painful headache on the left side of his head. Any form of motion severely aggravated his symptoms but pressure on the affected area ameliorated the symptoms. He stated that the symptoms made him feel irritable and that he told his wife to leave him alone. His symptoms were worse around 9 pm. He was concerned as he didn’t want his health interfering with his performance at work. A loss on income was especially harrowing for him as he had many debts to pay off and he didn’t want to lose his home.

Case 36
A teenage girl that was very loquacious and restless proceeded to expose herself in my office. When I was unperturbed by her antics she made silly gestures at me with her hands. She had been diagnosed with ADD, and teachers at her school had reported that she had attempted to kill a fellow classmate over a guy that she liked. She had been overheard warning another girl to stay away from her boyfriend or else! She frequently cursed and her body twitched and convulsed (Tourette’s syndrome). I noticed that she appeared to be rubbing her genitalia shamelessly in my office.

Case 37
A 25-year-old girl injured one of her breasts, and underwent surgery. She frequently rubbed her injured area, which ameliorated the pain. She indicated that changes in temperature aggravated her symptoms, and that eating cold foods or ice cold drinks also produced aggravations. She indicated that walking seemed to help with her pain. She was worried that she might develop adhesions in the treated area, and wanted help in treating them should they appear.

Case 38
A man came into my office with an ugly, irritable disposition. He was adverse to touch and complained of a severe toothache with numbness in his face, which was red on one side but pale on the other. He had a fever, and he stated that his symptoms were worse at either 9 am or 9 pm. He reported having diarrhea that looked like chopped spinach, and had an odor reminiscent of rotten eggs. He uncovered his feet in bed while he slept.


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