Urmarile la alcool, cafea, ceai, tutun si acizi (C.Hering)

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Urmarile la alcool, cafea, ceai, tutun si acizi (C.Hering)

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Consequences of spirituous liquors, coffee, tea, tobacco, acids, etc.


Habitual drunkenness is ruin to individuals, a calamity to families, and a serious loss to a nation. It is therefore no wonder, that benevolent minds have proposed remedies to prevent such great evils; neither is it astonishing that many who are as ignorant of history, as of the laws of the life of man and nations, should run mad with a most fanatic opposition to alcohol, bundling up with it all kinds of malt liquors, and even the most noble of all the productions of nature - wine.
Ministers, as ignorant of the original language of the gospel, as of the most common laws of chemistry, tell their flock, that the wine, mentioned in the New Testament, is grape-juice, not fermented and not "intoxicating".

The Greek word used in the New Testament for wine is oigoz, which means fermented grape-juice; the word unfermented grape-juice is glÎn´oz, and the word for drunkenness is oigvsiz, signifying that drunkenness comes from fermented wine.
The history of the human race proves most clearly, and without a single exception, that there never was in any nation a popular development of science, literature and the fine arts, until after the introduction and culture of the grape-vine, or as in England and Sweden, after a facilitated importation of wine.
The latest chemical analyses have also proved, that wine contains combinations of phosphorus, which is a most important nourishment of the brain upon which depends its highest development.
For the individual, wine may not be a condition, without which no great works of the mind can be produced, but it is so with nations. No great minds can arise in a nation, in which there is not a large number of men of great brains.
Hence the religion of the Jews acknowledges the grape-vine as a gift of god after the flood, to prevent another sinking of the human race.
Hence in the religion of the Christians, the wine is holy as an indispensable link between the Lord and mankind.
Mahomedanism forbids the use of wine, of course without any good effect whatever, for its absence encourages the use of opium, hemp-juice and other dangerous substitutes.
The absence of wine promotes the dangerous use of alcohol and drunkenness.
All intelligent travellers agree in allowing that drunkenness is by no means common, nay, that it is a rare thing in wine-producing countries. Thus the true remedy against a popular inclination to drunkenness would be, with every wise law-giver, to favor the consumption of wine by facilitating the home-production and the importation of wine.
The pitiful condition, drunkenness, in which we still see so many persons needs no description. However, drunk a person may be, the best way is to let him sleep it off; but sometimes it may be necessary to restore him soon - at least so far that he can be removed, in which case the best remedy is an external application of cold water; if there is vomiting and retching give black coffee as much as he will drink, and hot. If the drunkenness is from malt liquor, tea will be more beneficial.
If he is not quite so far gone, a cloth dipped in cold water, and wrapped round the abdomen and loins may suffice; some are more quickly restored when the wet cloth is applied to the nape of the neck or back of the head.
If the face of a drunken man has a purple hue, his look fixed, if he does not come to his senses, the throwing on of cold water producing only temporary effect - when there is twitching and trembling in the face and around the mouth, or a cramp prevents the opening of the mouth - apply a cloth, dipped into cold water, to the head, and give Opium every fifteen minutes until he improves; if this fails, give Aconite or Belladonna; according to symptoms.

If children are made tipsy by thoughtless or vile persons - or swallow brandy by accident - wash their head and abdomen with cold water, and give them, every quarter of an hour, a teaspoonful of hot water, a pint of which has been poured on a bitter almond. If they do not soon fall into a sound sleep, give Nux vomica. If they fall into a stupefied sleep, with snoring, the face red and the head hot and sweating, give Opium. If they are too lively and merry and cannot sleep, Coffea. If they have fever, with constant tossing about, give Aconite, and if this does not remove if in two hours, Belladonna. If they fall into convulsions, give first Opium, if this does not answer, Nux vomica, and if this fails Chamomilla.

Some ignorant women when confined, take from habit, or by the advice of stupid midwives or monthly nurses, spirituous liquors, to obtain sleep for themselves and the child. This is an abominable habit; they expose themselves and the child to the greatest danger; and if not attended by immediate bad consequences, it may be in the future. Under these circumstances, select for the mother and child one of the above mentioned medicines.

Besides the confined drunkard, there are others who only once in a while allow themselves to be led astray, and who are ashamed of their conduct afterwards. These we advice, after any excess of this sort, to take a few globules of Nux vomica.
There are, however, many who have fallen into the habit of drinking from vexation, grief or care. Their own consciences will tell them to what a horrid alternative they have had recourse; and we earnestly exhort them not to taste, not to touch a drop of liquor again, under any pretext whatever, but to force themselves to drink, daily, cold water, even if it should produce qualmishness, and to take the medicines recommended for the effect of drinking; also, the medicines which suit for vexation and grief.

There are other drunkards who are driven to drinking by a morbid state of their system, y a peculiar kind of "dyspepsia". These deserve our compassion; but although we may pity them, they themselves cannot excuse their habit by it. For some other morbid state urges one to anger, another to laziness, a third to incontinence, but there is no excise for either. Were it otherwise, every one might find a ready excuse for his favorite vice, and easily imagine that he could wash off his impurity in a sink. When the passionate man does not bridle his anger, the lascivious his cravings, and the intemperate his inclination to strong drink, his morbid sensibilities will increase. No; they ought to pursue a course directly opposite. He who is given to anger should constrain himself to submit even to unmerited abuse; the voluptuary should repress all vicious thought, and avoid every temptation; the lazy should work until they are perfectly exhausted; and he who longs for strong drink, should not even smell alcoholic liquors.

In all cases of that disease which causes a morbid desire for alcohol, consult a homoeopathic physician. If this cannot be done, take Sulphur, in water, every morning for a week. Should the desire abate, and afterwards return, take Nux vomica for several days in the evening; and if it returns again, in two or three days, Sulphur. If this does not prove efficacious, give Arsenicum. In all cases the patient should accustom himself to drink milk, and plenty of it. If the milk disagrees at first, and produces diarrhoea or other symptoms, take the remedies prescribed for that purpose.

Effects of drunkenness

After drinking too much in the evening, sometimes even after taking but a few glasses of wine, one may feel unwell, heavy and stupid in the morning; the face be pale and haggard; the eyes pained by the light; the mouth parched and rough; nausea, pains in the pit of the stomach, hoarseness, heat in the hands and soreness in the limbs, as if bruised; some are weak, sleepy, chilly, languid, cross and passionate; sometimes there is bleeding of the nose, or cramp in the stomach; in such cases give either Nux vomica or Carbo vegetabilis.

If the headache is throbbing, or attended with pressure over the eyes or, better in the cool, fresh air, Carbo vegetabilis; if worse in the open air, and more in the temples, Nux vomica.

If the pain is attended by a feeling as though a nail were lodged in the head, and is on one side only, worse when walking, at every motion, in the open air, from thinking and stooping, Nux vomica.
If there is only nausea, Carbo vegetabilis; an inclination to vomit, and retching, Nux vomica. If the stools are thin and pale, Carbo vegetabilis. If there is much pressing and forcing, with slimy purging, Nux vomica.
If there is much giddiness, red eyes, with matter in the corners, great sensitiveness to the light, or a dry, hacking cough, Nux vomica.

If the headache does not abate in two or three hours after taking. Nux vomica, take Coffea. If the nausea continues, the stomach very weak, and the tongue furred, take Antimonium crudum.

In indisposition from the repeated use of wine or spirits, which has already continued for some time; tedious headache, fullness and heaviness of the had, or cramp in the stomach, weakness of the stomach, constipation, piles, pains in the back, miliary eruption, or much itching and biting over the whole body, Nux vomica; afterwards Carbo vegetabilis or Lachesis may be taken; the former, if the symptoms are worse early in the morning, or in the open air; the latter, if they are worse after sleeping, especially in the afternoon, and if aggravated by hot weather.

For tedious headache, which has not only been caused by intemperance, but is aggravated by drinking spirituous liquors, by thinking, mental application, speaking, stooping, after reading or writing, the patient being very weak, give, if he is stout and plethoric, Calcarea; if of a spare habit, Silicea.

Do not repeat the dose until he is worse again, and should the repetition fail, give Lachesis.
If the effect of wine is only to irritate, excite and produce trembling, with nervousness, and uncomfortable dry heat and splenetic humour, give Coffea; if the least quantity affects the head, Zincum.

Delirium tremens or mania-a-potu

In this sad and terrible disease of drunkards, in which the one affected has visions of animals, monsters, strange human faces, etc., hears voices scolding, thinks he is being called, attended with raging and raving, fits and convulsions, instead of worrying the unfortunate being with large quantities of irritating, weakening drugs, give Opium, frequently repeated. In the beginning of the disease, Arsenicum alone will frequently effect a cure. If these remedies should not afford relief, give Calcarea, morning and evening.

If the patient sees animals or fire at intervals, with fear-fullness and a wish to escape, the head is hot, the face flushed, the eyes brilliant and sensitive to the light, the arteries of the neck throbbing violently, give Belladonna. Hyoscyamus is preferable, if the patient has shown symptoms of jealousy and threatens violence; Stramonium, if with the delirium there is a religious frame of mind manifesting itself in prayer and supplication.

If this should afford no relief, if the throat is affected, the attacks appearing more in the afternoon, or after sleeping, the patient talks much, flying from one subject to another, cannot bear his shirt collar or necktie, but strives to have them removed, Lachesis.

Cold sweat in the face, anxious desire to run away, visions of devils, etc., Veratrum.
Premonitory symptoms, as seeing creeping animals; turning of the head sideways as if to look for something; hearing of voices, etc., may be removed either by Arsenicum or Calcarea.

Arsenicum for lean persons, tobacco chewers; if they hear the voices of relatives or others, generally overhead, in the corners of the room, up or down stairs; see insects creeping in the bed; see the room full of thieves or spectres; are driven out of bed by anguish; fear to die; especially after great grief or pangs of conscience.
Calcarea for persons of a full habit, so called "free livers", nervous and irritable; despair of their own health; fear of getting crazy; sleepless; horrible visions almost always when shutting the eyes.

The same remedies ought to be given after the attacks are over, according to the symptoms, but in many cases they have only effected a cure when given at long intervals.

Total abstinence is absolutely required; cold water, not, however, ice water, should be drunk freely. If the patient desires it, the very moderate use of malt liquors, and also of tobacco, may be allowed. IF the latter increases the symptoms, Arsenicum may be given. If premonitory symptoms of apoplexy appear in drunkards, total abstinence from malt liquors and tobacco is necessary, and Belladonna or Lachesis may be given. In all such cases a homoeopathic physician had better be consulted.
Bad effects of coffee

For sleeplessness, palpitation of the heart, great irritability of the nervous system, violent cramps in the stomach, take Nux vomica.

For violent headache, as if a nail were driven into the head, or heaviness, rending pain in the had, give Ignatia or Nux vomica. If it is better when stooping, or if there is a throbbing in the whole head, if the patient is of an undecided, inconstant disposition, Ignatia; if worse when stooping, or walking, attended with much giddiness, confusion and heaviness in the head, and the patient is of a choleric temperament, Nux vomica.

Violent, one-sided headache, yields usually to Nux vomica; but if there is weeping or screaming, and great sensitiveness, give Chamomilla.

Frequent toothache following immediately upon drinking coffee, or toothache in general in persons accustomed to the use of coffee, generally yields to Chamomilla. If so violent, that the patient is almost beside himself, give Coffea and afterwards Chamomilla or Nux vomica; the following medicines may also be required : Cocculus, Belladonna, Mercurius, Carbo vegetabilis, Pulsatilla and Rhus tox. Compare "Toothache".

For violent cramps in the stomach, if worse after drinking coffee, Nux vomica or Cocculus; if temporarily relieved by coffee, but worse afterwards, Chamomilla.

Violent pain in the bowels, or colic, Chamomilla or Nux vomica; frequently Colocynthis or Belladonna.
Pain in the groins as if a hernia were going to appear, is relieved by Nux vomica.
If, after the habit of drinking coffee has been abandoned, the above tedious effects will not yield to Nux vomica and Chamomilla, the following remedies are sometimes useful :-
Cocculus, when the least exercise is attended by perspiration; frequent trembling; starting when asleep; heat; frequent toothache when eating; lightness in the head; sadness; agitation; when every indisposition is aggravated by fresh air, exercise, eating, drinking, sleep, or smoking.

Ignatia, when there is much debility; emptiness in the pit of the stomach; frequent spasms in the abdomen; painfulness or numbness in the limbs, generally pressing pain as from hard-pointed substances, it obliges the patient of shift his position, after which he feels better; the disposition is inconstant, sometimes excessively lively, at others depressed and inclined to weeping.

For indisposition from green tea, take Coffea or Ignatia, and if there is no improvement in a few days, China; For tedious complaints from tea, China of Ferrum.

If persons unaccustomed to smoking have been made ill thereby, give Pulsatilla; for violent headache and nausea, Aconite; giddiness and dizziness to fainting, vomiting of bile and diarrhoea, Chamomilla; and if not sufficient, and there is much coldness, Veratrum; if this will no answer, let them smell camphor. Violent convulsions and other symptoms may be removed by Cuprum or Cocculus. See "Poisoning".

If a person accustomed to smoking feels unwell after it, Cocculus or Ignatia will generally relieve him. If it occasions toothache, give Bryonia or sometimes China. If it causes sickness of the stomach, Ignatia or Pulsatilla; it uneasiness and nausea, Staphisagria. The same remedies may be given for bad effects from chewing tobacco. Especially Nux vomica, Arsenicum, Chamomilla, Pulsatilla or Cocculus, and sometimes Cuprum.

Chronic consequences of immoderate smoking or chewing are difficult to cure; nervousness and weakness of the stomach are generally removed by Nux vomica or Cocculus; habitual constipation by Nux vomica, Staphisagria, Mercurius; The diseases to which those who manufacture tobacco are subject, cannot be removed unless the patient quits his employment. The remedies most effective in such cases are Arsenicum, Colocynth, and Cuprum.

Spices (condimente)
For the injurious effects, occasioned by spices, such as pepper, ginger and the like, give Nux vomica; if from nutmeg or saffron, Ignatia, sometimes Opium or Coffea.

Sour things

If the bad consequences, particularly diarrhoea, set in at night or during the night, give, if the head is much affected, also the chest, Nux vomica; if in the day time, Antimonium crudum; with pain in the bowels, Staphisagria or Belladonna; if accompanied by much coldness, Veratrum; if fever follows, Lachesis.
Red eruptions, like scarlet rash, with pains in the throat caused by eating oranges, and other sour fruit, is cured by Belladonna or Rhus tox. Long-lasting consequences are relieved by Calcarea or Causticum, according to the symptoms.
Other symptoms from the use of sour things may yield to Arsenicum or Sulphur. Arsenicum for persons who have too much appetite and eat too much; Sulphur for such who have a constant craving for sweet things. When acids aggravate the symptoms of a case, give Belladonna or Lachesis.

If there is a craving for acids and sour food, Arsenicum, Arnica, Belladonna, China or Lachesis; If the craving is merely for sour drinks, give Bryonia.

For heartburn and vomiting after sour victuals, give Ferrum; for vomiting of a watery fluid after the use of acids, Phosphorus.
For disordered stomach from acids, Arsenicum or Lachesis;
For diarrhoea from the use of acids and sour fruits, Lachesis; if from fruits merely, China.


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Pentru reducerea poftei de a fuma Plantago major CH3 sau 5 de 2-4 ori pe zi s-a dovedit un remediu util in unele cazuri. Produce scarba fata da tigari. Se poate folosi si ca tinctura (de patlagina) diluata (1-2 picatururi in ceva apa)

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