Cephalandra indica remediu eficient pt. diabet

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Cephalandra indica remediu eficient pt. diabet

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Cephalandra indica

CEPHALANDRA INDICA as a sure remedy for diabetes was first established by Dr. Sarat Chandra Ghose, M. D, M.R. S.L. (Lond) in his famous book “Drugs of Hindoosthan”. He not only established its efficacy in dealing with diabetes but also gave the symptoms which when exist will cure this dreaded disease (See p 129, Drugs of Hindoosthan).

He experimented this drug in patients passing heavy sugar in urine and cured all of them, so much so that they were able to take sugar after they were cured. The symptoms calling for this drug as given by him are :

Mind : Moroseness, fretfulness, disinclination to do any work.
Head : Giddiness, worse after urination.
Eyes : Burning
Mouth : Excessive dryness of mouth with great thirst for large quantity of water at a time, worse after urination.
Throat : Dryness.
Appetite : Loss of.
Urine : Copious clear urine at a time. Exhaustion and weakness after urination. Stool, mixed or tinged with blood. Pain before and during stool.
Sensation : Burning all over the body, ameliorated by anything cold or cold application.
Generalities : Over-sensitiveness to noise and external impressions.

When most of these symptoms are present, CEPHALANDRA INDICA will cure the disease once for all.

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