Lapis Lazuli - victima unei cruzimi care devine cruda la randul ei

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Lapis Lazuli - victima unei cruzimi care devine cruda la randul ei

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3l. The Essence of Lapis Lazuli

The Essence of Lapis Lazuli according to what is seen through the trituration.
It is not always easy to describe the essence of a substance with a few sentences. At this point
I find it necessary to give a description of the essence as I have learned it through
summarizing this proving. I hope that these words will help you remember the striking
characteristics of Lapis Lazuli making the recognition in practice a bit easier for you and your

The essence of this remedy:

A sudden misfortune brought on by someone’s cruelty or something (fate/mother nature); this
cruelty that goes beyond all human boundaries and understanding causes the deepest of grief
and anger,
bringing on a state of almost total darkness; this darkness also being a metaphor for
death. It is so painful that it kills something in you and you resent and blame that person for it,
because it all goes beyond the human understanding. The pain seems to involve mainly family
members, loved ones, the mother, children, losing your loved ones.

These feelings of grief and anger can be so hard to bear that need to be suppressed to the
deepest, maybe also because of a feeling of responsibility towards the human existence, being
able to go on with everyday tasks. In this suppression there is a tendency to act superficially
or focus on unimportant things, not to look at the truth lying underneath. The suppression can
be the cause of instability and therefore alternating states sadness, isolation, and anger.

But why does this happen? I think that it is just part of life. What goes around comes around.
There are times of abundance, when we take things for granted and focus on the trivial things
in life, forgetting what really is essential. A cruel event can bring you to the most essential in
matter of minutes, a survivor of the Katrina who had lost everything material said on TV: this
hurricane has taught me that I can live with nothing. I think that the reaction to this can be
either confronting the pain and going on (if you do not know darkness, can never appreciate
the light) or you get stuck with it get bitter and eventually become cruel yourself.

An example for this would be the life of Jewish people being pretty happy until Hitler decided
to go after them. During Hitler’s time many families were torn, fathers, mothers and children
were separated, tortured, killed. I have always wondered, why Jews? Why them? Maybe it is
just pure coincidence, being at the wrong place at the wrong time but after this remedy’s
proving I thought that maybe it was something they needed because they were heading down

the wrong road. It is widely known that Jews have always been wealthy; maybe they were
focussing too much on this and taking things for granted? We will never know..
Also the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” shows a similar situation between the Princess’s family
and the fairy Uglyane. Someone’s cruelty that goes beyond human understanding brings on
darkness and death at some unexpected time in your happy life. Here we see how the daughter
is taken away from her parents and put into the darkness.

Rajan Sankaran writes in his book “The Sensation in Homeopathy” that:
• Sensation and action are equal and opposite: actions are equal to what we perceive is
happening to us.
• The opposite is equally true of what is said: sensitivity, we mention the things that are
issues to us and therefore means we are sensitive to these.
• There is no one or nothing out there other than myself: we only perceive that what we
are sensitive to; other things we may not perceive at all.
If all of these are true we can assume that Lapis Lazuli does not only have a sensation of
being the victim of cruelty but also is cruel to others or would want to be cruel to others.
“I do not have or feel warmth, nurture, love, so I shall make sure that nobody else around me

The sensitivity of Lapis lies within the issues of cruelty (towards oneself and family), getting
warmth/love and nurture. The reaction to these sensations could be active, passive or
compensated. In the active reaction we would see someone being cruel to others; the passive
would be compassion and the compensation could be constant fighting against cruelty. In the
trituration proving itself we see suppressed aggression (cruelty), some sort of sympathy and
the feeling of something being unfair and feeling the need to quarrel about it. These
symptoms confirm Sankaran’s theory.

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