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Remedii pt. dureri de cap - Morrison (engleza)

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There is no simple scheme for categorizing headache remedies, but it is useful to try to give some loose groupings as to type or location. Naturally, many remedies fit for more than one type of headache. In such cases, the remedy has been placed in the category representing the most common presentation. Furthermore, virtually every remedy in our materia medica has some symptoms related to head pain, many of which are not discussed.  

The following categories are presented below:
Most Important Headache Remedy
Main Right-Sided Headache Remedies
Other Important Right-Sided Headache Remedies
Main Left-Sided Headache Remedies
Congestive Headache Remedies
Main General Headache Remedies
Other Important General Headache Remedies

Most important headache remedy

Natrium muriaticum
The main remedy for migraines and headaches in general - perhaps  
10 to 15% of migraines in our practice require this remedy.
Quality: Bursting pain. Sensation of a small hammer in one spot. Vise.
Location: Favors the right side. Temple. Occiput.
As the headache stops on one side, it comes on the opposite side.
Worse: Morning on waking. 10 AM or 10 AM to 3 PM.

Grief or strong emotions or suppressed emotions.
Schoolgirls who are serious and tense.  
Sun. Heat. Menses. Onset of menses. Reading. Straining eyes.
Cough. Laughing. Weeping. During or after chills in recurring fever.
Better: Cold applications. Perspiration. Pressure. Closing the eyes.
Must lie down in a dark room.
Periodic headaches: Every day. Every other day. Any periodicity.
Visual disturbances and vomiting from headache.
Headache associated with or history of anemia.

Main right-sided headache remedies

Excellent remedy for both acute and chronic headaches and migraines.
Quality: Most intense headache in our materia medica.
Described as: Throbbing. "Exploding." "Maddening."
Pressing outward sensation, "as if eyes will pop out."
Pains come and go suddenly; or start slowly and end suddenly.
Location: Begins in right occiput, extends to right forehead or eye.
Also may begin in right forehead and extend to the occiput.
Worse: 3 PM. Night. Jarring. Going down steps. Coughing or sneezing.  Shaking the head. Motion. Light. Sun. Heat. After getting chilled. Cutting or washing the hair. Stooping. Bending head forward. Lying. Noise. Straining at stool. Tight collars. Menses. Climaxis.
Better: Lying in dark, quiet room. Cold application. Closing the eyes.
Hard external pressure. Binding the head. Sitting up in bed.  
Bending the head backwards. Urination.
Bounding pulse in head and throat; sharp pain with each throb.
Concomitants: Hypertension.  Hormone changes (abortion, hysterectomy).
Vomiting with headache.
Eyes bloodshot or glistening during headache.
Hands and feet icy cold during the headache.

Sanguinaria canadensis
Congestive headache; migraine headache.
Location: Headache begins in right shoulder or neck and radiates to right forehead and eye. Beginns in the right temple and stays in the right eye.
Quality: Throbbing. Burning. Or nail sensation.
Worse: Daytime headache, comes and goes with the sun. Light. Noise.  Odors. Jarring. Fasting. Menses. Periodic headache.
Better: Sleep. After vomiting. Passing flatus or eructation. Sometimes cold application do good.
Pressing head against something hard (Meny).
Vomiting with headaches.
Indigestion, burning in stomach, sour stomach with headache.
Headache with flushed face and pulsing in the carotids.

Other important right-sided headache remedies

Agaricus muscarius
Headache accompanied by twitching of eyelids or face.
Location: Right side; in or over the right eye.
Headache extending to the root of the nose.
Quality: Sensation of a nail, especially in the right forehead.
Unbearable. Dull, drawing sensation. Heaviness; weight sensation.
Icy coldness or cold needles. Cold spots on scratching.
Worse: Sitting still. Mental exertion or studying.  
Better: Slow motion. After stool.

Carbolicum acidum
Right frontal headache.
Quality:As if squeezed by a band.
Worse:Fumes and chemical odors.
Better:Strong tea. Pressure. Smoking.

Pain recurs at exactly the same hour - daily, every two days, weekly, or any periodicity.
Location: Especially over right eye or whole right side and face.
Headache across eyes from temple to temple. Or begins temples and spreads to forehead.
Swollen sensation of head.
Whole body feels numb during headache.
Worse: 9 AM. 11 AM. Open air. Rising.

Chelidonium majus
Location: Above the right eye. (liver headaches)
Extending from vertex to neck or to right scapula.
Worse: Mid-morning or at 2 PM. Reading. Motion of eye.
Better: Open air. Closing eyes. Eating. Pressure.
Periodic headache, every 14 days.
Gastric headache.

Iris versicolor
Classic migraine. Begins with visual aura and ends with vomiting. (Pancreas headache)
Visual aura with spots before the eyes, shimmerings or blurry vision.
Weekly migraines, especially on weekends (Sulph). Periodic.
Location: Pains alternate sides. Right side. Right forehead.
Worse: Cold air. Sitting or resting. Relaxing after studies. Cough.
Better: Open air. Standing. Walking. Constant gentle motion.
Blindness or blurry vision with headache.

Lycopodium clavatum
Headache over right forehead or right side of head.
Worse: 4 to 8 PM. Morning on waking. Being over-heated, especially while in bed. Straining the eyes. If hunger not appeased at once.
Fasting, even for an hour. Menses. Straining at stool. Cough.
Better: Cold or open air. Eating. Walking. Lying.
Headache extending from vertex to shoulder.

Natrium muriaticum
(See above:Most Important Headache Remedy).

Prunus spinosa
Location: Right forehead or radiating from right forehead to the occiput.
Pain in the right eye extending back into head.
Pains extending to the right side of the occipital protuberance.
Quality: Sharp pains. Shooting or electric pains. Pressure.
Patient may describe the headache, "as if there is a tumor inside."
Headache as if swollen or bursting outward.
Worse: 4 PM. Pressure. Motion. Sun.

Ranunculus bulbosus
Right forehead or above the right eye.
Worse: Before a storm. Change of weather. Alcoholic drinks. Lying down. Upon entering a room from outside.
Better: Standing or walking.

Main left-sided headache remedies

Spigelia anthelmia
Severe migraine headache; ciliary neuralgia.
Location: Left forehead; above left eye; directly in the left eye.
Pain extends back into the head or the occiput.
May begin in temple or occiput and radiate to left eye or brow.
Quality: Stitching or neuralgic pain.  
Violent pain. Can point to the spot with one finger.
Worse: Morning; comes and goes with the sun. Motion. Jarring. Cough. Pressing at stool. Touch. Stooping.  
Standing. Cold or open air.  
Walking in open air. Wind. Smoke. Noise.
Better: Heat or hot bathing. Keeping the eyes closed. Lying down.  
Lying with head elevated.
Headache associated with palpitations or other heart problems.

Bryonia alba
Chronic migraine headache. Acute fevers with horrible headache.
Location: Pain begins over the left eye, extends to the occiput and then to the whole head.  
Sometimes extends to shoulders and back.
In the occipital protuberance.
Quality: Dull heavy pains. Stitching pains.
Increases slowly with heaviness, congestion and fullness.
Worse: Morning on rising until noon. 9 PM.  
Slightest motion, even of the eyes, eyelids or body. Jarring.
Cough. Stepping heavily. Exertion. Ascending steps. If constipated.
Ironing. Heat. Sun. Eating. Combing hair. Walking. Noise. Hiccoughs.
Cold bathing when head is heated and perspiring.
Better: Pressure. Lying on painful side. Lying in the dark. Perspiration.
Washing with cold water. Cool air.
Nausea or vertigo on attempting to sit up.

Lachesis mutus
Congestive headache with pulsation, fullness and pressing outward.
Location: The left side or forehead.  
Begins left side then moves to the right.
Frontal headache extending to the nose or the root of the nose.
Quality: Bursting sensation, as if brain will burst or eyes will pop out.
Worse: Morning on waking. Heat. Sleep. Tight collars. Anger. Excitement. Alcohol. Before menses.
Suppressed menses. Climaxis.
Better: Pressure. Cold air and cold applications. During menstrual flow.  
During discharges of any kind. Nasal discharge. Vomiting.  
Headache associated with hypertension.

Sepia officinalis
Headaches associated with much nausea; "sick headache."
Periodic headache or pains coming in waves or sometimes sudden shocks.
Location: Headache in left forehead and above left eye.  
Worse: Menses, before or during. Pregnancy. Menopause.
Light, especially artificial light. Mental exertion. Stuffy room. Coition. Fasting. Hypoglycemic attacks.  
With motion sickness.
Better: Open air. Vomiting. Eating. Sleeping. Lying in the dark.  
Vigorous exertion. Pressure.
Empty sensation in the stomach during headache.

Thuja occidentalis
Location: Left forehead, above left eye.
Pain extends to the occiput from the forehead.
Quality: Often described as if a nail extends backward into the brain.  
Spasms felt in the left side of neck with headache.  
Worse: After midnight. In bed at night, forces the patient to rise. Lying. Tea.
Better: Pressure. Open air. Warm applications. Bending head backwards.

Congestive headache remedies

Aloe socotrina
Congested headache with heaviness in the eyes.
Location: Pressing pain in the forehead and above the eyes.
Better: Cold applications. Closing eyes or squinting.
Worse: Heat.
Headache associated with or alternating with diarrhea.
(See above:Right-Sided Headache).

Intense pounding headache as if the head would burst.
Face is flushed and pulse bounds in carotids.
Pain increases and decreases with the sun's rise and fall.
Location: Rising upwards from the base of head.
Worse: Sun and heat. Alcohol. Menopause or before menses.  
After metrorrhagia. Jar. Motion. Shaking the head. Tight collars.  
Better: Pressure. Lying in a dark room. Cold applications or cold washing.
Bending head backwards. Getting into shade. Wearing a hat.
Faintness during congestive headache.

Lachesis mutus
(See above:Left-Sided Headache).
Melilotus officinalis
Pounding headache with flushed face and pulsing in the carotids.
Vomiting with headache. Headache with epistaxis.
Worse: 9 AM to noon.
Better: Menses. Profuse urination.
Pain ameliorated by epistaxis or other hemorrhage.

Pulsatilla pratensis
Extremely changeable headaches.  
Quality: Pulsing, congestive or bursting headache.
Great fullness in head.
Location: Changeable. Forehead and temples. Occiput.
Worse: Heat. Sun. Stuffy or warm rooms.  
Overeating. Fat or rich food. Ice cream. Warm drinks.  
Exertion with overheating. Standing.  
Looking upward. Letting feet hang down.  
Blowing nose. Coughing.
Menses suppressed. At the end of the menstrual flow. Menopause.  
Better: Open air. Walking slowly in open air. Cold applications.
Lying with head propped up on pillows. Pressure. Binding the head.
Vomiting with headache.

Main general headache remedies

Calcarea phosphorica
Schoolchildren who have headaches and stomachaches.  
Worse: At the end of the day or the school day. After lunch.
Aching in cervical region which makes head and thinking dull.
Location: Occiput to whole head.
Pains felt in or along the suture lines of the skull.

Calcarea carbonica

Chronic headaches and migraines from stress and over-worry.
Worse: Cold, cold damp. Getting head wet. Mental exertion.  
Light. Menses. Exertion. Ascending. Lifting heavy weights.
Shaking the head. Stooping.
Better: Pressure or binding the head.

China officinalis
Especially for migraine headaches and neuralgia.
Periodic headaches with weakness and debility.
Headache worse after serious hemorrhage; after fluid losses such as prolonged diarrhea; associated with anemia.
Location: Whole head extending into the teeth.
Worse: Open air or drafts. Walking. Lying. Noise. Touch. Motion.
Better: Hard pressure with hand. Heat or in a warm room.  
Moving head up and down.
Sensation that the brain painfully strikes against the insides of the skull.
Pale face during headache (other times flushed face).

Cimicifuga racemosa
Severe pains or neuralgia over occiput, vertex and cervical spine.
Location: Marked cervical stiffness and pain with headache.
Cervical region and occiput extending to head. Vertex.  
Quality: As if the top of the head will fly off or open.  
As if brain too large.
Painfully stiff like, "a bolt driven from the neck to the vertex."
Neuralgic pains. Shooting pains. Stitching. Waves of pain.
Headache may last for days continuously.
Worse: Motion of eyes. Studying. Change of weather. Cold, damp weather.
Better: Open air. Pressure.
Mental: Dullness of mind and confusion with headache.
Hysterical and dissatisfied with chronic headache.

Cocculus indicus
Headache from grief and worry over a loved one.
Headache associated with dizziness or faintness.
Headache with nausea and often vomiting. Noise provokes vomiting.
Location: Whole head. Occiput and neck.
Occiput extending down to neck or whole spine.
Worse: Riding in a car. Loss of sleep. Alcohol. Motion. Jarring.  
Eating. Reading. Lying on the back. Pressure on occiput.  
Talking or laughing. Noise. Light.
Better: Sleep. Lying on side (taking pressure off occiput). Urination.

Gelsemium sempervirens
Severe and exhausting headache.
Heaviness in head, especially in forehead, with droopy eyelids;  
can scarcely hold head erect or eyes open.
Headache alternating with abdominal pains.
Location: Begins in the occiput and extends to the forehead.
Quality: Hammering, especially in occiput. "Maddening" headache.  
Dull, stupid headache.
Worse: 10 AM. 2 or 3 AM. Wine. Lying flat. Motion of the head.  
Exertion. Mental exertion.  
Better: Urination, especially profuse urination. Vomiting.  
Lying or reclining with head elevated.
Often diplopia with headache. Pupils dilated.
Cold feet and cold perspiration during headache.
Weakness, prostration and trembling during headache.

(See above:Congestive Headache)

Iris versicolor
(See above:Right-Sided Headache)

Lac caninum
Location: Headache alternating sides (Iris).  
Radiates from occiput to forehead.
Worse: Morning on waking (especially in the occiput). After midnight.
Turning eyes upward. During menses. Noise. Talking. Sewing.
Sensation of head floating in air.
Nausea and vomiting with headache.

Lac vaccinum defloratum
Headache with severe, deathly nausea and vomiting.
Migraine with visual disturbance.  
Periodic or weekly headache.
Worse: Noise. Light. Motion. Sitting up. Menses.
Better: At sunset. Lying. Cold applications.
Profuse, pale urine during headache.
Severe constipation during migraine headache; hard stool.
Icy coldness of body during the migraine.

Nux vomica
Migraines, tension headaches, and toxic headaches.
Location: Forehead. Occiput. Extending from occiput to neck.
Worse: Morning in bed. Cold. Alcohol (main remedy for hangover).  
Noise. Odor. Light. Oversensitive to all stimuli.
Stress and overwork. Anger. Mental exertion.
Motion of head or eyes. Lying painful side. Eating. Wind.  
Better: Morning after rising. Evening in bed. Warmth.  
Warm application. Pressure. Lying on painless side.
Constipation from headache.  
Marked irritability with headache (Syph).

Migraine headaches with burning or pulsing pains.
Headache every other day.  
Location: Either side, more often left side. Forehead. Occiput.
Worse: Fasting (Psor). Lying, especially left side. Hot food or drinks. Menses. Light. Mental exertion. Before storms. Sneezing. Motion.
Better: After sleeping, especially a deep sleep. Eating. Rubbing.  
Cold air or cold applications. Cold hand resting on forehead.
Markedly hungry during the headache.

Silica marina
Chronic headaches and migraines.
Location: Headache starts in the occiput and extends to forehead or eye.
Also can be right-sided. Almost any location.  
Also headaches with chronic sinusitis above the root of the nose.
Worse: Cold or drafts of air. Light. Jarring. Noise. Fasting. Exertion.
After coition. Mental exertion. Continuous, daily headache.
Better: Wrapping or covering the head. Warm applications. Pressure.
Binding the head tightly. After urination.  
Clammy sweat on forehead during the headache.

Headache arising from a dispute or conflict.  
Location: Dull frontal headaches with loss of sleep. Root of nose.
Occipital headache or wooden sensation.
Quality: As if a "block of wood" in head, especially the occiput.  
Squeezed sensation in brain. Ball of lead inside head.
Worse: Grief. Suppressed anger. Indignation. Sexual excesses.
Taking an afternoon nap.
Better: Yawning. Pressure.

Location: Main remedy for headache of the vertex.
Quality: Pain often described as burning heat.
Also headaches which are pressing or like a band.
Sinus headaches with great fullness. Sensation of a weight on the vertex.
Worse: 11 AM. Evening in bed. Only during the weekend. Winter.  
Heated. On becoming hungry. Overeating. Stooping. Strong odors.
Glare on cloudy or foggy days. Standing. Animated talking.
Better: Cold applications. Uncovering head.  
Blurring or dimness of vision before headache.
Face flushed red and eyes injected during headache.
Irritable and impatient during headache.
Other important general headache remedies

Antimonium crudum
Marked nausea and indigestion with headache.
Worse: Becoming heated. Sun. Cold bathing. Dietary indiscretions. Wine. Vinegar.
Better: Walking in open air.
Marked nausea and tongue thickly coated white.
Headache associated with hair loss.

Arnica montana
First remedy to consider for headaches after head injury. (alo Natrium sulphuricum)
Head is hot but body cold (Bell).
Worse: Morning from waking until 10 AM. Being wakened. Heat.

Arsenicum album
Burning headaches with general chilliness.
Worse: Night, especially around midnight. Cold or cold, damp places.
May be worse in a warm room during fevers or acute illness.
Better: Warm applications. Lying with head elevated.

Agaricus muscarius
(See above: Right-Sided Headache).

Aloe socotrina
(See above: Congestive Headache).

Aurum metallicum
Associated with sinusitis, migraine, mastoid inflammation or neuralgia.
Location: Root of nose, above the inner canthus on the right side.
Also pain behind left ear near the mastoid.
Felt as if deep inside, or as if deep in the bones.
Tearing pain in the occiput.
Quality: Boring at root of nose. Neuralgic, excruciating pains.
Worse: Night. Blowing the nose. Suppressed anger.
Unendurable pains; thoughts of suicide from pain.

Headache associated with nasal congestion, allergy, asthma.
Headache with palpitations.
Location: Above the left eye or in left temple. Vertex.
Worse: Heat or sun. Summer months. Milk. Stooping.

(See above: Right-Sided Headache).

Chelidonium majus
(See above: Right-Sided Headache).

Chininum sulphuricum
Worse: 3 AM, wakes patient from sleep.
Headache associated with tinnitus or vertigo.

Coffea cruda
Headache and neuralgia associated with insomnia.
Sensation of a nail in the head.
Worse: Open air. Noise. Music. Any excitement, even joyful news.  
Motion. Walking, with each footstep. Odors.
Better: Cold applications.
Headache associated with or history of severe insomnia.

Cyclamen europaeum
Migraine headache with marked visual disturbance.
Location: Forehead. Left temple.
Worse: Morning after rising. Open air. Menses. Menopause.  
Better: Washing with cold water.

Ferrum metallicum
Long and prolonged headaches lasting 3 to 7 days.  
Headache lasts through the whole menses.  
Periodic headache; every 14 or 21 days.
Location: Forehead. Over left eye. Occiput.
Quality: Throbbing or hammering.
Worse: Motion. Descending stairs. Menses. After menses.
Better: Walking slowly. Better open air. Pressing. Lying.

Fluoricum acidum
Location: Sides of occiput. Follows suture joints. Extends to upper jaw.
Worse: If tries to delay urination. Heat.
(See above: Congestive Headache).

Ignatia amara
Migraine headaches, especially after grief and sorrow.
Headache associated with back or neck spasms.
Pains increase gradually and cease suddenly.
Quality: Pain as from a nail (Coff), especially in the side of head.
Worse: Emotions: grief, anger, fright. Studying or concentration.
Odors. Smoke or fumes. Light. Stooping low. Straining for stool.
Better: Lying on painful side. Alcohol. Warm applications.
Empty sensation in stomach with headache.

Indigo tinctoria
Headache associated with or history of epilepsy.
Worse: Grief. Long-continued or daily headache.
Better: Heavy exertion. Rubbing or pressure.

Headache with severe nausea and vomiting.
Sensation as if head or skull bruised.
Worse: Standing.
Better: Open air.
Location: Through all the bones of the skull. Vertex. Occiput.
Extension: Down through floor of skull to the root of the tongue.
From the occiput into the shoulders.

Kalium bichromicum
Blindness before headache. Sight returns as headache increases.
Location: Headache in small, specific spots. Wandering pain.
Above or along sides of eyebrows. Root of nose.
Worse: Exactly the same hour every day. Lying on painful side.
Cold. Cold wet weather. Sinusitis or suppressed nasal conditions.

Lac felinum
Piercing pain over the left eyebrow - like a needle (or claw).

Lachesis mutus
(See above: Left-Sided Headache).

Magnesium muriaticum
Headaches associated with liver or digestive weakness.
Worse: Night in bed. Periodic headache every 6 weeks.
Better: Open air. Motion. Very hard pressure, the harder the better.
Pressing on the eyeballs. Eating lemons or lemon juice.

Magnesium phosphoricum
Migraines and facial neuralgia, often on the right side.
Headache extending into the face.
Worse: Cold.
Better: Heat. Hard pressure.

Magnesium sulphuricum
Mainly frontal headaches, especially in the evening.  
Worse: Touch. Motion of eyes. Rising from stooping.  
Carrying a weight on the shoulders.
Better: Morning on waking. Open air. Epistaxis.

Melilotus officinalis
(See above: Congestive Headache).

Menyanthes trifoliata
Severe headache, relieved only from applying very hard pressure.
Patient may desire to press his head against wood or even a rock.
Location: Vertex with weight sensation. Sides.
Worse: Ascending stairs.
Better: Stooping or sitting bent forward.
Icy cold hands and feet during headache (Bell).

Natrium carbonicum
Headache alternating with digestive troubles.
Headache and vertigo together.
Worse: Exposure to the sun and to heat. Summer. Sunstroke. Eating.
Grief or stress. Mental exertion, sometimes even slight mental exertion. Before storms. Change of weather.

Natrium sulphuricum
Headaches after head injury.
Often accompanied by confusion or depression.
Indigestion with headaches.
Worse: Light  
Better: Closing the eyes.

Nux vomica
(See above: Other Main Remedies)

Onosmodium virginianum
Headache from straining the eyes (Ruta).
Location: Occiput. Occiput and forehead together. Left forehead.
Occipital headache extending to the left shoulder and vice-versa.
Quality: Dull, full and heavy feeling. As if intoxicated.
Worse: Morning on waking. Looking fixedly at something. Dark. Jar.
Lying, especially on left side. Raising hands over head. Motion.
Better: After sleep.
Confusion, sexual weakness, incoordination and numbness with headache.

Palladium metallicum
Location: Ear to ear going over the vertex.

Paris quadrifolia
Location: Headaches about the eyes with drawing sensation.
Quality: Drawing sensation as if eyes drawn backward by a string.
Headache with a feeling of enlargement of the head.
Worse: Mental exertion. Motion. Exerting eyes. Injury to head.
Better: Pressure of hand.  

(See above:Other Main Remedies).
Phosphoricum acidum
Dull, heavy sensation with headache.
Sensation of a weight on the head.
Location: Occiput. Nape of neck. Temples.
Worse: Grief. Mental exertion. Studying. Schoolgirls (Calc-P, Ign, Nat-M).  
Straining eyes. Eating.
Severe headache associated with severe exhaustion.
Piper methysticum
Headache with the feeling of intoxication.
Must be kept busy or entertained.
Prunus spinosa
(See above: Right-Sided Headache).

Chronic headaches and debility.
Wakened at night with a jolt of head pain.
Worse: Night. Cold or open air. Drafts. Fasting. Suppressed eruption.
Better: Eating. Epistaxis. Warmth.
Marked hunger before the headache begins.

Pulsatilla pratensis
(See above: Congestive Headache).

Ranunculus bulbosus
(See above: Right-Sided Headache).

Rhus toxicodendron
Headache starts with awful stiffness in cervical region.
Associated with rheumatism or stiffness.
Weight in head; must make effort to hold it erect.
Worse: Changes in weather: cloudy, windy, cold and damp.  
Getting head wet or perspiring on head. Anger and vexation.
Cold drafts or riding in the wind.
Better: Heat and from wrapping the head. Motion.  
Walking and exertion in general.

Ruta graveolens
Headache with eye strain.
Worse: Reading. Sewing.

Stannum metallicum
Headache gradually increasing and gradually decreasing.
Location: Over left eye, extending to whole forehead.
Worse: Comes and goes with the sun. Stooping.
Better: External pressure.

Crushing pains in the skull or the base of the brain.
Stabbing pains in the occiput. Pain, as if head pulled backward.
Worse: Night. Begin in evening and cease at daylight; dreads the night.
Better: Heat.
Restless and sleepless during the headache.
Marked irritability during the headache.

Tabacum nicotiana
Headache with awful, unremitting nausea.
Sudden pain as if struck by a hammer.

Worse: During urination. While riding in car or boat.
Better: Cold applications.
Headache associated with vertigo.

Zincum metallicum
Headache and neuralgia.
Location: Especially occipital headache. Left forehead.
Worse: Drinking wine. After head injury. After abuse of iron supplement.
Better: Open air. During menses. After stool or from diarrhea.
Head cold in front and warm in occiput.
Twitching of face with headache.

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Un remediu general pt. migrene: Chionanthus virginica

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Un remediu general pt. migrene: Chionanthus virginica

"Folosesc de 2 ani acest remediu pt., dureri de cap (migrene). A facut minuni pt. mine la aceasta maladie. Am fost victima durerilor de cap din copilarie si am suferit teribil. Nu am mai avut un atac de 2 ani de zile. Daca ma ameninta, iau cateva picaturi si dispare imediat"

"Il prescriu asa la migrene : 5 picaturi din dlultia 2 (CH2), de 3 ori pe zi timp de o saptamana, apoi de 2 ori pe zi timp de o saptamana si pe urma odata pe saptamana dupa care pacientul repeta remediul numai daca apare un atac de migrena. Remediu este specific la migrena. (Se pare ca nu ajuta la cele cauzate de dereglari menstruale, care sunt f. dese la femei).

Incercati si spuneti. Se poate face si cu eticheta in CH2 sau CH3.


Some time ago I received a letter from Dr. F. S. Smith, of Lock Haven, Pa., in which, referring to Chionanthus, he says :
"For the first time today I read your article on Chionanthus in the last edition of your Materia Medica of New Remedies.
I have been using this drug for over two years, as a specific for so-called sick headache. It has done wonders for me in that disease. I had been a victim from early childhood, and have suffered terribly. I have not had an attack for two years. If I am threatened, a few drops, timely taken, dissipates it at once.

"Dr. B., a dentist, aged 35, dark complexion, a victim to sick headache, had an attack on an average once in three weeks.
Since taking Chionanthus, has not had more than two or three attacks in over two years, and then owing to a neglect to take the medicine. I have failed in but one case, and that was a menstrual sick headache.
"I prescribe it as follows : In cases of habitual sick headache, 5 gtts. of the 2x dil. three times a day for a week, then twice a day for week, then once a day for a week, after which the patient only take it when symptoms of the attack show themselves.
I regard it a specific."

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Re: Remedii pt. dureri de cap - Morrison (engleza)

Mesaj  scarface la data de Joi Aug 29, 2013 11:23 am

Am intrebat acum ceva timp vreo 500 de oameni daca stiu pe cineva cu migrena sa incerce remediul asta.
Nu mi-a raspuns nimeni. Ciudat. Sa nu aiba nimeni migrene ?

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Re: Remedii pt. dureri de cap - Morrison (engleza)

Mesaj  corix la data de Joi Aug 29, 2013 12:10 pm

Am eu o prietena care, chiar m-a intrebat daca pentru migrene nu stiu vreun remediu, pentru ca mama ei are migrene de o viata.
Chiar acum ii trimit email, ii copiez ce ai scris mai sus si ii trimit si direct linkul.
Numai bine va doresc tututror! flower 


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Re: Remedii pt. dureri de cap - Morrison (engleza)

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