Remedii pentru hipertiroida - R. Morrison (engleza)

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Remedii pentru hipertiroida - R. Morrison (engleza)

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Main rubrics
Eye, Protrusion, Exophthalmus.
External Throat, Goitre.
External Throat, Goitre, Exophthalmic.
Other important rubics
Mind, Activity.
Mind, Anxiety.
Mind, Anxiety, Chest, Heart, Region of.
Mind, Anxiety, Physical.
Mind, Anxiety, Walking, Air, Open, ameliorates.
Mind, Busy.
Mind, Concentration difficult.
Mind, Dullness.
Mind, Fear, Suffocation, Goitre, in.
Mind, Excitement.
Mind, Hurry.
Mind, Impatience.
Mind, Indolence, aversion to work.
Mind, Industrious.
Mind, Mania.
Mind, Mood alternating.
Mind, Restlessness, Move, must constantly.
Mind, Restlessness, Warm bed, aggravates.
Mind, Slowness.
Head, Hair, falling out.
Eye, Pupils, Dilated.
Face, Paralysis, Goitre, Suppression, from.
Mouth, Thick, Tongue, sensation.
Throat, Choking, Goitre, in.
External Throat, Alive sensation in goitre.
External Throat, Air sensation, Blowing through thyroid on breathing.
External Throat, Coldness, Region of thyroid gland.
External Throat, Compressed by thumb and finger, As if thyroid body were.
External Throat, Constriction, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Distension, Sensation of, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Formication, thyroid.
External Throat, Goitre, Heart symptoms, with.
External Throat, Goitre, Jerking in thyroid.
External Throat, Goitre, Motion in thyroid.
External Throat, Itching, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Itching, Goitre, with cough.
External Throat, Pain, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Pain, Thyroid gland, ulcerative.
External Throat, Pain, Pressing, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Pain, Soreness, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Pain, Stitching, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Pulsation, Goitre.
External Throat, Sensitive, Goitre.
External Throat, Swelling, Thyroid gland.
External Throat, Tension, Thyroid.
External Throat, Tickling, Goitre.
Stomach, Appetite, Ravenous, Emaciation, with.
Female, Menses, copious.
Female, Menses, Absent, amenorrhea.
Male, Atrophy, Testes.
Rectum, Constipation.
Rectum, Diarrhea, Goitre.
Rectum, Inactivity of.
Respiration, Asthmatic, Concomitant, Goitre.
Cough, Cutting, From cutting in thyroid gland.
Cough, Irritation in air passages, Thyroid gland, in region of.
Cough, Goitre, with.
Cough, Pressure, Goitre, from.
Chest, Atrophy of mammae.
Chest, Constriction, Heart.
Chest, "Goitre heart."
Chest, Pain, Heart, Goitre, during.
Chest, Palpitation heart, Goitre, with.
Chest, Palpitations heart, Exertion, from.
Chest, Palpitations, Tumultuous.
Chest, Palpitations heart, Walking.
Extremities, Swelling, Leg.
Extremities, Coldness.
Extremities, Coldness, Foot.
Extremities, Trembling, Hand.
Perspiration, Night.
Perspiration, Debilitating.
Perspiration, Exertion, Slight, during.
Perspiration, Sleep, during.
Generalities, Atrophy, Glands.
Generalities, Convulsions, Goitre, Suppression of.
Generalities, Cretinism.
Generalities, Dwarfishness.
Generalities, Eating, before.
Generalities, Emaciation, Appetite ravenous.
Generalities, Fasting.
Generalities, Flabby feeling.
Generalities, Heat, Vital, Lack of.
Generalities, Hypothyroidism.
Generalities, Motion, Air open, ameliorates.
Generalities, Myxedema.
Generalities, Obesity.
Generalities, Pulse, Frequent, Motion aggravates.
Generalities, Sluggishness of the body.
Generalities, Trembling, Anxiety, from.
Generalities, Trembling, Exophthalmus, with.
Generalities, Trembling, Externally.
Generalities, Twitching, Subsultus tendinum.
Generalities, Walking, Air, In open, ameliorates.
Generalities, Weakness.


Main remedies

Arsenicum iodatum

Thyroid: Goitre. Indurated gland.
General: Warm or even very hot yet often sensitive to cold or drafts.
Better: Open air.
Worse: Becoming heated in bed.
Marked emaciation despite eating ravenously.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Constriction feeling in heart; tumultuous palpitations.
Tremor of hands.
Mental: Extreme excitement and restlessness.
Hurry and impatience. Loquacious but precise.
Anger; impulse to kill.
Concomitants: Lupus. Hay fever. Asthma. Psoriasis. Hodgkin's.

Hyperthyroid. Goitre.
Thyroid: Painful, enlarged thyroid.
Right-sided goitre.
Constriction in thyroid region.
General: Hot. Intolerant of heat or warm room.
Better: Eating. Cold bathing. Violent exertion.
Emaciation despite huge appetite.
As thyroid gland enlarges, other glands (breast, testes) shrink.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Violent palpitations. Pulsations through to the fingertips.
Mental: Anxious, hurried feeling.
Restless and fidgety; cannot sit still.
Loquacity; markedly rapid speech.
Violent urges from sitting still; better exertion.

Kalium iodatum
Hyperthyroid. Goitre.
Thyroid: Diffusely enlarged.
Thyroid enlarged and very sensitive to touch.
General: Aggravated by heat.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Marked allergy and coryza.
Mental: Hurried and irritable, especially with the family.
Jesting and cheerful.

Lachesis mutus
Hyperthyroid. Thyroiditis.
Thyroid: Left-sided goitre.
Tightness in throat; difficult swallowing.
General: Warm-blooded. Intolerant of warm room or bath.
Marked hypertension. Intense palpitations.
Mental: Loquacious and intense.
Thyroid enlargement and hyperthyroidism after disappointed love, jealousy, or suppression of intense emotions.
Anger and intolerant of contradiction.

Natrium muriaticum
Thyroiditis. Hyperthyroid. Hypothyroid.
Thyroid: Diffuse goitre.
General: Intolerance to heat or sun.
Slow growth, walking and speech development in children.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Trembling of whole body, especially the head.
Violent palpitations, worse exertion or lying on left side.
Mental: Excitable and nervous.
Thyroiditis after grief or disappointed love.

Other important remedies

Local: Horrible constipation, even for soft stool.
Skin thick, dry and itching, worse from heat.
Mental: Slow physically and mentally.

Apis mellifica
Hyperthyroidism. Thyroiditis.
Thyroid: Swollen markedly, hot, inflamed. "Vascular" goitre.
General: Extremely hot or flushes of heat. Intolerant of hot rooms.
Better: Cold applications or cold bathing.
Loves swimming in cold water.
Mental: Must be active and busy. Loves exertion.
Irritable. Anxious, busy feeling.
So hurried she becomes clumsy and drops things.

Argentum nitricum
Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism.
General: Hot. Averse to warm rooms.
Better: Cool or open air.
Local: Diarrhea and marked flatus and eructations.
Tremor pronounced.
Mental: Constant, inexplicable hurried feeling. Gets wound-up.
Peculiar impulses and temper outbursts.

Aurum metallicum
Hyperthyroid. Thyroiditis.
General: Aggravated by heat.
Thyroid: Diffusely enlarged thyroid. Nodules.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Violent palpitations. Skipped beat followed by powerful beat.
Mental: High or unrealistic expectations.
Thyroid imbalanced from enormous self-pressures.
Despair over the limitations caused by disease.

Baryta carbonica

Hyperthyroid, especially in children and adolescents.
Thyroid: Huge swelling of gland.
General: Appetite increased with emaciation.
Emaciation with large, pot-belly.
Debilitating perspiration; nightsweats.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Atrophy of other glands: Testes, mammae, etc.
Palpitations. Tremor.
Mental: Hurry and great industriousness.
Over-excited and anxious about responsibilities and challenges.

Baryta iodata
Hyperthyroid. Thyroiditis.
Thyroid: Marked swelling of thyroid gland.
Thyroiditis in childhood.
General: Aggravated on becoming heated; intolerant of heat.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Knots of cervical glands.
Rapid pulse. Tumultuous palpitations.
Mental: Restless. Impatient. Compulsive.
Nervous and indecisive.

Belladonna atropa
Hyperthyroid. Thyrotoxicosis.
Thyroid: Diffusely swollen and markedly painful.
Heat and pulsation felt in the thyroid gland.
General: Hot, flushed face but cold distal extremities.
Bounding pulse and hypertension.
Mental: Excited and restless.
Anger, even rage. Strength increased.

Cactus grandiflorus
Thyroid: Painful, constricted feeling in gland.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Bounding pulse. Tumultuous palpitations.
Constricted feelings in the chest.

Calcarea carbonica
Benign goitre. Hypothyroid. Thyroiditis. Hyperthyroid.
Thyroid: Hard thyroid. Thyroid nodules.
"Vascular" goitre.
Slow, constant growth of thyroid gland.
General: Dull and sluggish; always tired.
Chilly. Especially cold feet at night in bed.
Internal sense of tremor (more than visible).
Slow growth of children.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Excessive head sweat, especially at night.
Mental: Symptoms after over-exertion, heavy responsibilities and worry.
Depression and constant anxiety.

Calcarea Fluorica

Thyroid nodules.
Hard nodules in thyroid.
Thyroid conditions associated with arthritis.

Calcarea iodata
Hyperthyroid. Thyroiditis. Thyroid tumors and nodules.
Goitre associated with hormonal changes: Puberty, pregnancy, menses.
Thyroid: More enlarged on the right side.
General: Warm; faintness in a warm room.
Ravenous appetite.
Obesity. Emaciation with increased appetite.
Local: Honeycombed tonsils with small crypts.
Anxiety feeling in chest and heart.
Sudden, violent palpitations.

Conium maculatum
Hyperthyroid. Thyroiditis. Hypothyroid.
Thyroid: Stony hard thyroid enlargement.
General: Cold-blooded. Flushes of heat.
Weakness and fatigue, worse from exertion.
Local: Exophthalmus with strabismus or "crossed" eyes.
Lacrimation from photophobia.
Weakness in thighs; hard to rise from a squat.
Mental: Flatness and depression.
Illness after battling an injustice.

Ferrum iodatum
Thyroid: Goitre after suppressed menses.
General: Warm-blooded.
Anemia. Worse after hemorrhage.
Craves: Salted fish. Sardines.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Sensation of food pressing up in throat.

Fucus vesiculosus
Benign goitre. Hyperthyroid.
Exophthalmic goitre.
Marked obesity with goitre.
Dyspepsia with thyroid disease.

Gelsemium sempervirens
Hypothyroid. Thyroiditis.
General: Extreme weakness and sleepiness. Tremor from weakness.
Local: Exophthalmus. Diplopia from exophthalmus.
Eyelids droopy; can hardly keep them open.
Tongue thick and heavy.

Hypothyroid. Goitre. Hyperthyroid. Thyroid nodules.
Thyroid: Markedly enlarged goitre.
Multiple nodules throughout the thyroid.
General: Chilly. Intolerant of heat.
Obesity. Fatigue and weakness.
Local: Pulsation throughout the whole body.
Constipation with full feeling in rectum.
Skin thick and hard; cracked skin.
Hair coarse and tangles; thinning hair.
Mental: Dullness and vacant sensation in head.
Easy weeping and anxiety.

Kalium carbonicum
Thyroid: Diffuse enlargement.
General: Chilly and sensitive to drafts.
Local: Constipation without urge.
Mental: Worn-out from duties.

Lycopodium clavatum

Thyroiditis. Hypothyroid. Hyperthyroid.
Thyroid:Right-sided thyroid enlargement or nodule.
General: Intolerant of fasting; cannot skip a meal.
Local:Hard knotty stool followed by liquid stool.
Mental:Anxious, unable to face challenges.

Lycopus virginicus
Thyroid: Diffusely enlarged.
Enlarged thyroid after suppressed menses or hemorrhoids.
General: Tremulous. Tremulous weakness. Heat intolerance.
Weak or faint after climbing or any exertion.
Erratic pains through body.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Violent and rapid palpitations.
Pain and palpitations worse lying on right side.
Oppression of chest. Choking on lying down.
Mental: Nervous and hurried. Restless activity.
"Ready for any amount of work."
Mental dullness; mind wandering.

Nux vomica
Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism.
Thyroid: Slight enlargement but marked symptomatology.
General: Chilly but easily overheated from any exertion.
Cold perspiration from slight exertion.
Tremulous and physical tension.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Tension in the throat; intolerant of collars.
Muscle tension or cramps. Tremor of hands.
Mental: Hurried, irritable, even violent.
Industrious and ambitious in the extreme.

Thyroiditis. Hyperthyroid.
Thyroid: Goitre on the right side.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Palpitations, worse lying on left side, worse excitement.

Sepia officinalis
Thyroid: Goitre, more on the right side.
General: Cold; especially hands and feet cold.
Worse: 4 to 6 PM or before supper. Before or during menses.
From nursing or blood loss.
Local: Sallow, yellow complexion. Thickened skin.
Constipation without urging.
Mental: Dullness and depression. Indifference.
Weeping. Irritable and sluggish.

Spongia tosta
Thyroid: Markedly swollen, indurated and painful thyroid.
Painful goitre, worse swallowing. Stitching pains.
Choking or constricted sensation in thyroid, worse tight collars.
Sensation of air passing through goitre when breathing.
Sensation of motion in the thyroid.
General: Warm; flushes of heat.
Aggravation comes on during sleep.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Violent palpitations. Anxiety and oppression in chest.
Suffocative feeling associated with goitre.
Orchitis or ovarian pains.
Mental: Cheerfulness alternates with seriousness.
Concomitant: Asthma.

Hyperthyroid. Hypothyroid.
Thyroid: Goitre.
General: Faintness on standing, especially morning on waking.
Sleepiness all day long.
Worse: Before or during menses.
Better: After menses.
Obesity. Emaciation.
Local: Exophthalmus.
Dilated pupils.
Falling of hair.
Weak heart with numb fingers.
Palpitations, worse lying, worse slight exertion.
Extremity pain better during menses.
Mental: Depression on waking in the morning.
Ill-tempered, quarrelsome, rages over trifles.
Dictatorial. Averse to contradiction.

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