Remediile principale pt. dureri de dinti : R. Morisson (engleza)

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Remediile principale pt. dureri de dinti : R. Morisson (engleza)

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Remedii pt. dureri de dinti, abcese si dentitie la copii. (se pot face cu metoda cu eticheta in dilutia LM18 sau LM30 in caz ca nu suntem siguri ca este remediul potrivit si se incearca 2-3 guri la 15 minute dupa care se asteapta ceva timp efectul)

Sursa: Roger Morisson

Toothache main remedies:
Bry, Merc, Coff, Hepar, Staphy, Cham.

Bryonia alba
Caries. Injured teeth. Blows to teeth. Loose teeth. Dentition.
Pain: Stitching pains, worse moving even distant parts of body.
Worse: Motion. Eating. Biting. Drawn-in air. Touch.
Warmth. Tobacco smoke.
Better: Lying still. Lying on the painful side. Pressure.
Location: Right lower molars.
Extension: From one tooth to another tooth. To the head.

Chamomilla matricaria
Dentition. Caries. Microfractures in healthy teeth.
Our most important remedy in teething children.
Severe pains often waking the patient (and the doctor) at night.
Face swollen and sensitive; refuses to be touched.
Worse: Night, especially in bed. Cold air. Open air or drafts.
Cold drinks. Coffee. Pressure. Talking. Lying. Vexation.
Warm food or drinks. Smoking. Especially in children.
Better: Cold drinks.
Location: Left lower teeth.
Sore gums in teething children.
Extension: Ear. Face. Head.

Coffea cruda
Caries. Microfractures. Dental neuralgias.
Pain: Excruciating pains with over-excitement of the nervous system.
Holds ice water in mouth until warm then starts fresh.
Worse: Night, causing insomnia. Hot food or drinks.
Warm applications. Noise. Menses. Excitement.
Better: Cold drinks or applications. Biting.

Hepar sulphur
Abscess. Caries. Loose teeth.
Severely painful infections, often causing frantic, late night phone calls. Pain: Sharp, intense pains.
Worse: Cold air. Drafts. Cold drinks. Biting. Eating. Touch.
Touching tooth with the tongue. Opening mouth. Winter.
Better: Warm applications.
Extension: Ear.

Mercurius solubilis
Caries. Abscess. Loose tooth.
Infections with offensive breath, salivation and dirty tongue.
Deteriorated fillings with offensive or metallic taste.
Painful swelling extending to half of the face.
Pain: Throbbing pains in the tooth.
Worse: Night. On going to sleep. Both heat and cold. Winter.
Cold air or drinks. Damp weather. Air drawn in the mouth.
Children. Biting the teeth together. Washing. Smoking.
Better: Rubbing. External warmth. Smoking.
Location: Root of tooth.
Extension: Face. Ear. Head.

Caries. Dentition. Fractured or crumbling teeth.
Marked cavities in young children. Recurring caries. Black teeth.
Gums spongy and inflamed.
Pain: Sharp pains in decayed teeth. Throbbing pains. Tearing pain.
Worse: Night, especially after midnight. On biting. Cold drinks.
Cold or open air. Walking in open air. Eating. After vexation.
Menses. Pain from slightest touch of tooth.
Better: Warmth. Pressure outside the mouth.
Location: Right, lower molars.

Arnica montana
First aid remedy for injuries to teeth.
After extractions, fillings or other dental procedures.
Sore teeth, worse from touch.

Hypericum perforatum
First aid remedy for painful tooth injuries or fractures.
After drilling with shooting pains.
Renediul pt. durerile de dinti de la gaurit sau plomba (cauzate de dentist)

Hecla lava
Abscess. Large, hard exostosis in gums.
Abscess with marked swelling but scant pus.

Calcarea fluorica
Fractures or crumbling of teeth. Caries.
Abscess with hard swelling (Hekla). Exostosis of jaw.
Painful caries, worse from the slightest touch of food.


Phytolacca decandra
Difficult dentition.
Painful gums with rigid clenching of the jaw.

and Chamomilla (see Chamomilla)

Other important remedies

Nux vomica
Caries. Fillings.
Marked pain with much irritability.
Right cheek swollen and painful to touch.
Worse: Cold air or drafts. Open air. Cold drinks. Eating. Motion.
Mental exertion. Reading. Vexation. Thinking of the pain.
Tobacco. Alcohol. Coffee. Touch. Talking. Winter.
Better: Warm applications. Wrapping the head. Warm drinks and food. Walking in the open air.
Location: Right incisors.
Extension: Face.

Caries. Dentition.
Sudden, intense pains; throbbing tooth pain.
Worse: Evening or night.
Cold air. Drawing in air. Draft. Coffee. Eating.
If the teeth click together. Jar.
Location: Right sided pains, especially the lower teeth.

Antimonium crudum
Caries. Dentition. Crumbling teeth.
After Chamomilla, one of our best teething remedies.
Sensitive teeth, cannot bear dental procedures.
Worse: Evening or night. In bed at night. Heat of the bed.
Cold drinks. Cold washing. Eating. Children.
Touching tongue to tooth.
Better: Walking in the open air.
Extension: Head.

Caries. Crumbling of teeth.
Deciduous teeth seem to dissolve almost before they rise from the gums.
Dentition with raw, inflamed gums and pitiful crying. Offensive breath.
Location: Upper molars, especially the left side.
Extension: Ear. Head.

Plantago major
Caries. Crumbling teeth. Pyorrhea.
Sore tooth with swelling of the cheek and salivation.
"Tooth pain with reflex neuralgia of the eyelids."
Worse: Cold or warm drinks. Touch.
Better: Eating. After breakfast.
Extension: Ear.

Sepia officinalis
Decay and spreading infection with left cheek swollen.
Worse: Night. Cold or cold air. Warm drinks. Touch. Biting. On lying.
During menses. Sweets. Talking.
Better: Open air. Cold drinks. Sucking on the tooth.
Location: Left lower incisor. Left lower molar.
Extension: Ear.

Silica marina
Abscess. Caries. Loose teeth. Slow or difficult dentition.
Painful, swollen cheek over the affected tooth.
Worse: Night. Cold air or cold drinks. Warm drinks. Drawing in air.
Biting. Damp weather. Washing. After suppression of sweat, especially foot sweat. Winter.
Better: Warm applications. Wrapping or covering the head.
Location: Lower left teeth.

Magnesium phosphoricum

Caries. Microfractures.
Worse: Cold air or cold drinks.
Better: Warm or even scalding hot applications.
Biting. Pressure. Warm drinks.

Magnesium carbonicum

Caries. Difficult dentition. Loose teeth. Microfractures in healthy teeth.
Worse: Night. Cold air. Drafts. In bed. Heat of the bed. Eating. Menses.
Better: Motion. Cold water. Walking. Lying on the painful side.
Location: Right side.
Extension: Head.

Lachesis mutus
Caries. Crumbling teeth.
Tooth pain with throbbing pain and swollen cheek.
Worse: Morning on waking. Brushing teeth. Hot drinks. Checked menses.
Location:Left side. Lower teeth, extending to ear.

Ignatia amara
Caries. Dentition.
Tooth pains with paradoxical or contradictory symptoms.
Worse: Eating. Touch. Immediately upon lying. Coffee. Standing.
Mental exertion. Reading.
Better: Pressure. Biting teeth together.

China officinalis
Caries. Loose teeth. Neuralgia.
Throbbing pains in decayed tooth.
Worse: Draft. Open air. Motion. During perspiration.
Touch of tooth or jaw. Smoking.
Better: Biting hard on teeth. Cold water. Warm applications.
Location: Left upper molar or lower.

Ammonium carbonicum
Caries. Dental abscess. Loose teeth.
"Biting down sends a shock of pain through whole head."
Worse: Evening. Night. [color=red]Drawing air across tooth. or=red]]Open air.
Damp weather. During menses. Sweets.
Biting. Talking. Touch.
Location: Upper molars.

Aconitum napellus
Sudden, intense toothache or injury.
Sudden pains in healthy teeth; microfractures.
Worse: Shock or fright. Cold winds, especially cold, dry wind.

Clematis erecta
Worse: Night. Warm food. Becoming heated in bed. Lying. Motion.
Better: Drawing cold air across the tooth. Cold air. Cold drinks.
Washing with cold water. Sucking on the tooth.

Fluoricum acidum
Defective enamel. Crumbling teeth. Caries.
Defective or delayed dentition.
Teeth too sensitive to tolerate dental procedures.
Tooth pain from either warm or cold drinks.
Location: Right upper teeth.
Nursing mothers. Wine.
Better: Open air.

Calcarea carbonica
Caries. Abscess. Crumbling teeth. Slow or difficult dentition.
Worse: Damp weather. Cold air. Cold food or drinks. Warm food.
Drawing air over the tooth. Drafts.
Washing or getting wet. Touch.
Better: Warm applications (though warm food aggravates).
Location: Right upper teeth.

Calcarea phosphorica

Delayed or difficult dentition with whining and moaning.
Decay and easy caries.

Caries. Abscess. Fistula. Loose teeth. Dentition.
Caries and jaw pains after cold winds.
TMJ problems, especially the left side.
Worse: Dry weather or especially cold, dry wind. Cold air.
Drawing air over the tooth. Sleep. Touch.
Warm food. Smoking.
Better: Cold drinks. Sucking on the tooth.
Location: Left, lower molar or upper.
Extension: Nose. Zygoma. Ear.

Worse: Night. Biting. Touch. Touching tooth with tongue. Motion.
Location: Left upper teeth.

Caries. Abscess. Loose teeth. Pyorrhea; bleeding gums.
Worse: Evening and night. Cold or open air. Cold drinks. Damp weather.
Warm drinks. Lying. In bed. Sleeping. Touch. Walking. Sweets.
Better: Rubbing. Pressure.
Location: Upper or lower left molars.

Pulsatilla pratensis
Sore or throbbing teeth. Weeping children with tooth pain.
Worse: Evening. Warm drink or food. Coffee. Warm applications.
Becoming heated, especially in bed. Touch. Sitting. Menses.
Better: Cold or open air. Cold food or drinks. Drawing in cold air.
Cold washing. Motion. Walking, especially in the open air.
Location: Wandering.

Rhododendron chrysanthum
Caries. Neuralgia.
Pains especially in the right lower jaw.
Worse: Change of weather. Before a storm. Cold air or drafts. Wind.
Damp weather. Touch.
Better: Eating. Warm applications.
Location: Molars.
Extension: Ear.

Rhus toxicodendron
Caries. Loose teeth.
Worse: Damp weather. Cold. Washing with cold water. Biting. Lying.
Better: Motion. Walking. Warm drinks or applications.
Location: Lower canines or incisors.

Spigelia anthelmia
Caries. Crumbling teeth. Neuralgia.
Caries with painful swelling of left cheek.
Worse: Tobacco or smoke in general. Night. Motion. Cold air.
Cold drinks. Washing in cold water. Thinking of the pain.
Better: Standing. Walking. Lying. Eating.
Location: Left upper teeth.

Caries. Abscess. Fistula. Loose teeth. Dentition.
Burning or throbbing pains.
Worse: Night. Cold or open air. Drafts. In bed at night. Washing.
Washing with cold water. Warm applications. Before menses.
Better: Open air. Cold drinks. Warm drinks.
Location: Left incisors or molars.

Zincum metallicum
Abscess and caries. Loose teeth.
Worse: Eating. Before menses.
Location: Upper and lower molars, especially the left side.
Better: Motion. Walking. Warm drinks or applications.
Location: Lower canines or incisors.
Better: Clenching or biting teeth together; constant inclination to clench.

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