Cipurile implantate in animale pot migra

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Cipurile implantate in animale pot migra

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Mai jos un text scris de cineva care a lucreaza in cabinetul unui medic veterinar
si care a constatat ca cipul implantat unui caine i-a ajuns la inima dupa ceva timp
provocandu-.i moartea.

I recently began working at a veterinary clinic. It just so happened that before starting at the clinic, out of concern, I was doing some research on microchips. I learned that they can migrate through the body, causing havoc upon the organs. Not long after starting my new job, this information was verified. It was explained to me that a microchipped dog was brought to the clinic. I don't know all the details, but the chip had migrated to the heart, and sadly enough the dog passed away.

I am not a fan of microchips since they pose a danger to the physical body. I also believe, because they are not natural, that they interfere with the individual's energy field. Everything vibrates at a frequency, and if the microchip's frequency is not compatible with the individual, then of course problems will arise. I know of no research that has been conducted to prove they are safe. But there is now evidence out there proving they are dangerous.

Another important piece of information that is not widely distributed is the fact that there is no universal scanner for all the different chips. If a doctor's office or shelter doesn't carry the right scanner for the chip that was inserted into your animal, the chip is worthless.

I hope this information helps."

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